Create Packaging Design in Photoshop

This lesson will teach you how to make a plastic  sachet. We will be using plastic wrap filter as well as other technique to make it look more real.

Final Result

This Tutorial, would like to make into two parts. Basic and advanced. Now lets go for a basic tut, followed advanced.

This is useful for people who works on warp-designs for products.

Open a document 500px X 500 px.

Select the marquee tool (M) and draw a square 300 x 300 px.

Fill it with lemon yellow color(#f9be2e). This will be the base color of the sachet. If you have plans to make a red sachet, use red color.

Next select the rectangular shape tool (U). Draw a rectangle 300px width and height 30px as shown below. We need to modify this shape.

Select the shape and right click to open the menu. Select the Warp from the menu.

Move the top corner handles as shown below. Not necessary it should be exact. Press Enter Key to apply transform.

Make a similar rectangle of same width and height and as did above apply Warp and make it convex shape. Press Enter Key to apply transform.

Duplicate the Path,  by holding the Alt+Move tool (V) to 10px down. Repeat the same process once again. Now you have 3 lines as shown below.

Draw the paths for the  bottom part with the same steps applied for the top.

From the tool bar select the polygonal Lasso tool (L). Draw as shown below and join the end from where you started.

Select the middle part layer. Hit the Delete Key, to remove the area. This is to make the folding of the sachet.

As did for the left side , make a selection for the right side and use the same steps to cut the edges.

Now, from the toolbar, selct the Pen tool (P), draw a Path along the edge of the shape .

Create another one layer (Ctrl+Shift+N). Name it “highlights” .

With the same Polygonal Lasso Tool draw shape as below.

Now fill it with white color.

In the same layer draw few more shapes where the folds or edges are folded as shown below.

From the Filter menu (Alt+t) select Blur > Gussian Blur.

Drag the slider to 6.0 . See the result below. You can see the plastic sachet molding up.

Now lets go to make some salty chips.

Create a new layer. Make a rectangle with marquee tool . Fill it with color. I ve used here is  #fdfddd.

Go the Filters Gallery in the Filter menu.

Select the Texture which is the last one. Click to open more filters.

Select the Texturizer. You will get more settings on the right side which is shown below.

Press OK to apply the filter.

Next we will apply Motion Blur.

From the Filter Menu , select Blur > Motion Blur.

Apply the following settings. Press OK.

Draw an ellipse with the Elliptical Marquee tool.

Invert the selection by holding Ctrl+Shift+I.

Hit the Delete key to remove the inverted area.

Duplicate the chips layer.

From the Filter Menu, next we will use Twirl, which is in the ——————–

Drag the angle slider to 50. See the preview.

Duplicate another layer. Select the layer. Press Ctrl+F to apply the previous used filter.

You can play around with many shapes.


Place the logo (pic)

Place the chips and arrange it. Apply some drop shadow. Increase the size if the shadow opacity to 50%.

After arranging all the layers, make a ‘New Group from Layer’ from the Layers channel (for further editing). Hide the group.

Duplicate the layer group . Select all the layers and flatten (Ctrl+E).

Apply plastic wrap to give depth from the filter gallery.

Change  the settings to the following. You might have to make some variations  in the values, depending on the color you have chosen.

Try to get the maximum, by visually looking at it, in the preview window.

Tear the edge by using Lasso tool. Just draw a torn shape around the edge as shown below.

Rotate the torn by first moving the center point to base. Now rotate to 50 -60 degree from the option menu or manually.

Add perspective by selecting the layer. Press Ctrl +T . right click and select the bottom nodes.

Change the values of H to -7.5 or do it manually to get the result.

Press Ctrl+T and rotate the sachet at 110 degree.

Add chips falling below the sachet layer .

Add drop shadow to the sachet.

Add drop shadow to chips too

See the results.

Add a dark background color #691222.

The end results will be like below

Hope You enjoyed the post.

Thank you!

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  1. huwaw69 says:

    The packaging material looks almost real, great job! great tutorial!

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  3. entiretheweb says:

    Nice tutorial.. before it I never imagine that photoshop has so powerful software. I thought it was only possible in coraldraw. I really impressed by this tutorial you deserve 10/10. Thanks.

  4. yasir says:

    Its really a good work in desinging with this kind of tool keep going …

  5. Mohammad Jabir Hussain says:

    Very nice, really great job.
    Thanks for providing tutorial.

  6. laurie says:

    Wow that’s so AWESOME ! Great job !

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  8. braian says:

    hey great job!! i’ll try to make mine

  9. wan... says:

    superb great toturial……bec now i’m designing packaging design…….now i can try this awasome effect…

  10. Ram says:

    Hey It use full tips

  11. It is really magic, I never believe that photo shop can do line that things.

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